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Working with businesses of all sizes to offer support and advice to ensure employers understand their responsibilities for keeping their employees safe whilst at work and are compliant in doing so.

It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business. Employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this.

Health & Safety Executive guidance states employers should take 5 steps to ensure your employees receive suitable Health & Safety Training

Step 1 – Decide what Training your organisation needs

Step 2 – Decide your Training Priorities

Step 3 – Choose your Training methods and resources

Step 4 – Deliver the Training

Step 5 – Check the Training has worked

Using our expertise in the Health & Safety training industry we can work with you to implement a suitable training strategy for you and your employees.

Looking at suitability of current procedures and identifying areas for improvement.

Conduct Training needs analysis

Assessing the training requirements for every role within the business and building a picture of required training for each job role as well as any skills gaps for current incumbents of each role.

Create employee development programme

Once a Training needs analysis has been conducted an employee development programme can be established to offer clear development paths for your employees creating a culture of growth, development and reward.

Identify suitable training supply chain

Source suitable training providers to deliver training for your organisation focusing on account quality, compliance and cost to ensure the best possible solution for your business.

Book and facilitate training and refresher training as required

The management of booking and facilitating training can be managed on your behalf, identifying suitable courses anywhere across the UK and making the bookings on your behalf. We can also ensure that all refresher training requirements are tracked and planned in advance causing minimum disruption to your workforce and preventing any required training from expiring.

Implement training management system

Your business may require and benefit from an internal training management system which can be implemented and supported until such time your designated training officer/s manage the booking of training internally on your behalf.

Audit working practices

Onsite inspections can be completed to ensure “The Training has worked” (HSE Step 5) and to help maintain the standards required to keep all employees safe whilst at work.

Introduce e-learning

e-learning can be a valuable tool in keeping your employees training current whilst reducing downtime. A broad scope of e-learning packages can be implemented to suit your business needs.