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Max Number of Delegates: 12   

Duration: 1 Day

Length of Certification: 3 Years        

Accreditation:  IOSH

A course for top people with an eye on valuable business benefits. Safety and health is not just a legal requirement, it’s integral in many of today’s successful companies. It brings huge benefits for reputation, productivity and results.

Who Should Attend?

Leading Safely gives anyone with leadership responsibility the practical knowledge and the strategic solutions for sustainable business advantage through good safety and health practice.

Businesses are already realising the benefits from Leading Safely, using workable solutions and creating inclusive and well-managed organisational cultures with faster payback. Led from the top and incorporated into management systems, better safety and health practice can be a genuine investment for your organisation.

Leading Safely – essential learning for senior leaders.

IOSH have designed their course in conjunction with business leaders to deliver content that will add value to you and your organisation. The session, can be tailored to your organisation, sector or geographical location, making it relevant to delegates from any industry and in every part of the world.


The stand-out feature of the training is the ability for delegates to benchmark their current and future safety and health vision and priorities in line with global models of safety, and to recognise good practice gathered from leading organisations from around the world.

The course helps to shape your organisational safety and health objectives:

  • Understand good practice from around the world.
  • Benchmark your performance against others.
  • Shape your safety and health vision and identify the steps you can take to achieve it                            

Your company can be rewarded by:

  • reduced accident rates, absence and sick leave
  • increased productivity and profits
  • improved reputation among suppliers, clients and partners
  • reduced insurance premiums and legal costs
  • better business continuity.

Leading Safely will sharpen your skill-set and make you a more effective leader. It will give your organisation the expertise it needs to succeed.


Leading Safely is right for you and your business
The course covers:

  • safety and health and what it means for different leadership roles
  • the responsibilities and behaviours of a leader
  • what effective safety and health leadership looks like
  • how to get things right
  • how leaders can make improvements 
  • the benefits of effective safety and health leadership


Learners use the diagnostic tool, accessed via a mobile app, to identify their current safety and health position against a set of critical questions.

The tool recommends the actions they should take. At the end of the course they make a commitment to a personal action plan to improve their own and their organisations’ safety and health management.

Delegates Receive:

  • an app to access their diagnostic tool/action planner
  • access to a safety leadership community, with news from IOSH, and up-to-date discussions on themes in safety leadership, from trainers and delegates.
  • IOSH Certificate

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