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Duration: 1 Day

Length of Certification: 3 Year

Accreditation: Certificated


This course is designed to look at how delegates achieve and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing including how it affects behaviour, and ability to fulfil role, responsibilities and management of emergency situations. Delegates will have increased knowledge, understanding and awareness of practical steps to prevent mental ill-health and strategies to manage work/home life balance and to ensure delegates have:

• An understanding as to what underpins positive mental health

• How it affects their role and responsibilities set out within Directive 2003/59/EC

• Tips to help improve wellbeing.


• Mental health and stigma

• Mental health vs physical health

• Knowledge of risk and protective factors

• Wellbeing and lifestyle behaviours

• Accessing information, advice and support

• Reflection and self-management


Upon completion of the course, delegates will:

• Have an awareness of mental health and the impact of stigma

• Knowledge of some common mental health problems

• Understand the relationship between mental health and physical health

• Understand how mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle behaviours contribute to all aspects of their role and responsibilities

• Have knowledge and practical strategies as to how to improve wellbeing including managing the effects of fatigue/stress and work/rest cycle

• Have an awareness of how to access mental health support

Training Methods

Classroom Based exercises with group participation.

There is No Pass/Fail Element of this Course.

Additional Information

This course is suitable for 16+ 

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